Friday, October 28, 2011

I tore my shirt patterned Bob Marley and short jeans

photographer: me // camera: nikon coolpix L4 // pants: STD Jeans // shirt: Red-Yellow

Bob Marley shirt that I bought after the Independence Day of Indonesia, because this shirt I bought based on a community whose members are my neighbors. I bought it about Rp65.000,- actually I forgot how much the price for sure. Apparently after I get this shirt, its size is very large at all, would I rarely use it.
When high school class 3, my school had a plan of making the yearbook class. Finally I decided to remodel my clothes are to be used as well as the cooler!

There is almost a similar story on my jeans. I get this short jean no longer fit when my sister used it, so he gave it to me. Pants are older than my Bob Marley shirt.
For this pair, I used it often enough but after a teenager I feel less comfortable and not wear it anymore.
However, to complete the look for my high school yearbook, I also ripped jeans to be paired with my Bob Marley shirt. I also display it in, it's my look on (Please click the link)

Next time I will show you about my pictures with using this stuffs!

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