Saturday, October 29, 2011


I display the issue of people who became my inspiration this week on my blog. For the first time, I interviewed my friend indirectly through social networks. She is Diana Octavia.
Diana was born on October 10 and lives in Depok, Indonesia. She studied at Bina Sarana Informatika, majoring in English, class of 2009. Diana has a boyfriend, he is Harry Prabowo and they have a relationship for a long time, since 24 April 2010 until now.

In addition to her busy lecture, Diana is currently pursuing a career as an employer in Jakarta Exclusive Edutainment (JEE). Diana is very interested in dancing, singing, music and fashion design. Some of Diana's favorite music are HEY MONDAY, Saves The Day, mewithoutYou, The Chariot, No Doubt, SARA GROBAN MUSIC, Raisa, d'GREEN, Thirteen, Fireworks, NEW FOUND GLORY, Paramore, AGNES, Tegan and Sara, MY OWN SIDE, T.O.C.O.D, VIERRA, Kevin Aprilio, Rocket Rockers, PARALONE.

I met with Diana when we were both followed the English course in the LBPP-LIA Depok and we studied together for 1 year. Currently we are busy with the affairs of each of us, but we still often to communicate.
If you are interested to get acquainted with her, I have some information contact Diana through her website, but for the men does not too near with her because she has a lover. Contact information is as follows:


guest inspiration: Diana Octavia // her cousin: FarinaRamadhany // pants: Gaudy // shirt: Plain T-shirt // necklace: Fashionatte // place: balcony at Diana's house
In this photo Diana Octavia with her cousin, Fajrin. This photo has a story of two teenage girls who read fashion magazines on the balcony and showed the impression that they were relaxing at the time.
Diana wore a plain T-shirts, shorts Gaudy, and two ribbon necklaces (pink and black) brand Fashionatte (my product).
Once I sell accessories such as necklaces, brooches and hair accessories. I made ​​it with my own hand and original expertise of my work. Diana is one of my friends who buy my work. I sold to her only Rp3000, -! Cheap! : D I deliberately did not give a high price because at that time I was still learning to sell:)
Right now I'm not selling anymore, but after then I've had a lot of science while studying at the Jakarta Art Institute majoring in Fashion Design Clothes, I will do business again.
I am as a person who is shown my work by Diana, I am very happy! I'm very excited with Diana!

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  1. I didn'T knew her, but she is so pretty!! Would you like following each other?